Welcome to Mike's Engineering Projects

   I created this site to give back to the Maker community and showcase my skills so that hopefully I will find employment in the job of my dreams. Feel free to ask questions about the projects. I would love to help, but it may take me a while to write back as I stay pretty busy.

   I feel strongly that it is important to share information freely. I would not have been able to accomplish these projects or learn these skills if not for the generosity of others. I hope that by sharing my projects it may help others learn.

   Legal Disclaimer: Using any of this information or building any of these projects is done at your own risk. I am not a licensed engineer and therefore it is quite possible that I have made mistakes. You should not undertake any of these projects unless you have the knowledge required to do it safely. Some of these projects deal with high voltages and dangerous mechanical parts. For these reasons extreme caution should be taken at all times. It is also possible that you may damage your equipment.